Chakras ~ the Art of Balance

How many people have come across the concept of chakra balancing as a result of their searching? Searching for answers. Searching for ways to manage emotions and knee-jerk reactions to life, that don’t involve overworking, overeating, excess drinking, and the like.

I recall the New Age wave that surged during the 80’s. Inspired a plethora of spiritually-intended but facile statements such as “…. your chakras are out of alignment.” I heard this repeatedly directed at myself, and others. I don’t recall anyone offering to fix it, or show me how. Life was challenging enough, without the added pressure of believing my energy centres were working against me as well. Obviously, some weird disk-like things, spinning randomly, at various parts of my body, unseen by the “unevolved” me, were the reason my life was falling apart. Ok …. thank you.

And 30 years on, not much has changed. People are still coming into my clinic afraid, awkward and apprehensive, because someone said their chakras were out of balance. My response is always the same.

“Did that person offer to fix it for you?”

Sadly, the answer is still “No”. Personally, I believe if you’re capable of seeing the problem, you also need to learn how to fix it. Learn Chakra Balancing. Disempowering people, however well intentioned, is still disempowerment.

There are many varied symptoms indicating alignment and blockage problems. These are but some:

Base Chakra issues often leave you feeling ungrounded, not belonging or fitting in. There can be issues with family. In balance you feel stable, supported and connected.

Sacral Chakra blocks may present as fear of rejection, lack of creative or sexual urge, self-repression, feeling uninspired, shallow, restless or aimless. Pessimistic. Attachments to romantic illusions or addictions. In balance, we are free to be creative, outgoing, passionate and sexual.

Solar Plexus misalignments bring struggles for self-worth. Other issues include narcissism, lack of purpose, perfectionism, even weight issues can all be indicative. In balance we feel assertive, confident, compassionate and have self-respect.

Heart Chakra issues include being too open, leading to overwhelm, oversensitivity, self-sabotage, and fear. When closed down, we feel disconnected, loveless, and can struggle with ruthless, jealous or possessive impulses. In balance we are trusting, feel joy, love, gratitude, and wholeness.

Throat Chakra is self-expression. Some people show imbalance by incessant talking, telling lies, being unable to listen or ‘keep their word.’ How many of us are shy? Afraid to speak our truth or speak in public? Self-righteous or dogmatic in their communication? In balance our words are truthful and flow effortlessly. Our communication honours both self-expression and listening.

Third Eye Chakra imbalances can include headaches, migraines, confusion, inability to focus, lack of self-reflection, struggle to separate truth from illusion. In balance, we are open to receiving insight and wisdom. We feel clear and focused, and our intuition is strong.

Crown Chakra blocks can show up as fanaticism, rigidity of thought, confusion, prejudice and bigotry, apathy, frustration and indecision. In balance, we receive inner guidance, think objectively, see the bigger picture, and live in the moment. Our connection with Source flows.

As a practitioner, the process of balancing seems as normal and ‘mainstream’ as washing hair, cleaning teeth, and other daily ablutions. When included into my daily routine, the impact is quite profound. It excites me to foresee a time (hopefully soon) when it will be natural to teach this to our young; considered of equal importance to math, music, gardening and languages. I believe it’s our human birth right to have access to this sacred knowledge.

Chakra Alignment brings deep peace and inner tranquility. The work grounds inner purpose and innate power, through the mental-physical-spiritual connection and energetic flow. Within my clinic, I teach clients simple, effective ways to open, align, clear and close their chakras. The work – which is both spiritual and sacred – enables clients to live their lives in trust, aligned to their hearts true calling. What more could a Soul truly desire?

This article was first published in The Psychic News Christmas Bumper Issue 2019

Fusion Chakra Balancing is a one-hour interactive healing experience.

Each session includes client tuition in how to do this work for themselves, so they can maintain their own healthy flow of energy and balance.

It is a perfect way for men and women to relax, self-care and stay in alignment to for their highest good, greatest joy and Soul Purpose.

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