Fusion Therapy Clinic is open Friday10am to 7pm & Sunday10am to 5pm.
For Online and Remote Healing Appointments, email Shakira directly.


This exquisite 90-minute relaxation massage, combines traditional Massage with the ancient art of Crystal Healing and Reiki. This treatment creates a heart-mind-body integration, bringing you into deep relaxation and inner peace.

Helps with:

Pain and muscle tension
Circulation and blood pressure
Strengthening the body’s immune system
Emotional distress



Fusing three modalities into one, pampers your whole being. This rejuvenating massage, supports the dissolving of stresses and pressures found in modern life.

Massage releases pain and anxiety within the body, easing discomfort and inducing relaxation. Reiki flowing through your body triggers the immune system, bringing balance to your body and emotions. Crystals – placed beneath the massage table and on the body during the massage – promotes and amplifies positivity and wellbeing, leaving you feeling refreshed and energised.


Experience beautiful aromatic oils, soft lighting, and a meditative healing approach, in the therapeutic Fusion Massage. Respect and dignity is paramount in all therapeutic treatments, but none more so, than with massage.
  1. Before your massage, there will be a review of your health history.
  2. You will be asked to remove clothing to your level of comfort. Underpants will be worn at all time – no exceptions!!
  3. You will be left in peace to undress and lie on the massage table, underneath the provided cover.
  4. Your body will remain draped throughout the treatment – except for the area being massaged.
This 90-minute Fusion Therapy experience utilises the traditional relaxation massage techniques of long strokes, kneading, deep circular movements, compression and rhythmic rolling, to relax and energize your physical body.

Massage is not just a luxury –
it’s a way to a happier healthier life.