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Astrology provides a guide for living a more fulfilled and joyful life. Using the calculations from your exact time and place of birth, we can map the positions of the planets in the zodiac, relative to your Rising Sign. This ‘map of life’ allows you the opportunity to make conscious decisions to determine your destiny, and understand both the talents, skills, energy patterns and challenges your soul seeks to unfold during your life on Earth.

Spiritually based Astrology does not negate free will, or seek to fortune-tell. It is a tool for self-empowerment and understanding.

Helps with:

Deeper understanding of self – your personality strengths, gifts and challenges
Recognising your soul purpose
Eliminating unconscious behaviour patterns
Clarity within relationships
Confidence during life transitions, and planetary transits
Understanding choices available, so conscious decisions can be made
Achieving an integrated and unified personality



PERSONAL ASTROLOGY: Understanding Your Birth Chart
90-minute appointment

This looks at your natal chart, showing where the planets were in the moment you took your first breath. Personality Astrology explores these planets, their rulers, the houses in which they are located and several important asteroids. Many people already know which Sun sign they are born under (you personality expression), but there is so much more to understand and explore: your emotional expression (Moon); communication style (Mercury); creativity and love nature (Venus); your passion and drive (Mars); karmic patterns (Saturn) individuality and originality (Uranus); imagination and intuition (Neptune); and your innate power of transformation, or destruction (Pluto).

We can help you understand your own unique ‘map of life’ potential. This can clarify and enable understanding of the unconscious aspects and drivers within your personality makeup. By clearly understanding your impulses, contradictions, talents, challenges and gifts, you will have greater freedom to make conscious decisions, and achieve your integrated and unified personality.

60 minute appointment

This reading looks at the ongoing movement of planets, and the relationship this energetically creates with your individual natal chart.

Interpreting and understanding the interplay between natal and current planetary transits brings a clearer understanding of events – both opportunities and crises – that are currently unfolding in your life. Inner planetary influences (Sun through to Mars) can last between a day and several weeks. Outer planetary influences can last for months, and even years.

RELATIONSHIP READING: Astrological Synastry
60-minute appointment

We look at interplay between two people’s natal charts for both the compatibility and challenge aspects. Understanding astrological strengths and weaknesses between two charts provides insight into relationship dynamics. Synastry Astrological readings are especially helpful for parents in gaining deeper understanding of their parent-child bond. Within intimate relationships, these readings are a valuable resource for examining the compatibility and opportunities for growth within that union.


Information on the date, time, city and country of birth, are all required when you book your Astrological Reading. For Synastry readings, the information for both people is required.

"You are not a fated victim of the stars, but an aware, creative agent
who can intelligently use the energy patterns you chose at birth."

Philip Lyndsey – Esoteric Astrologer