While in COVID lockdown I've had several distance healings with Shakira Quinn. I could feel the shift in myself and also the increased energy levels as blockages were shifted. Very insightful and profound feedback that I then validated as to what I experienced on my side. I love that I am learning through this experience to grow. I totally recommend Shakira.

Linda Crosby

Managing Director

I highly recommend Shakira. In her Elemental service she provides several modalities which provided comprehensive stress relief both physically and emotionally – unbeknown to me that was just what I needed! Shakira is highly professional in all that she does and is. She builds rapport effortlessly with her sincerity, humour, sensitivity and acceptance. I highly recommend booking in for the Elemental if you haven’t yet met this gifted lady – Shakira.

Lana Walker

Medical Fitness Professional & Trainer

Just had a session with Shakira, and I feel great. The professionalism and genuine care, was apparent from the moment I stepped into the room. The massage and healing style are excellent. I recommend her to anybody in need of stress and/or pain relief. As a massage therapist myself I expect quality, and with Shakira, I got it.

Camelia Lordache

Massage Therapist

I just had another Tarot Reading from Shakira today. I absolutely love them, as everything she has ever told me has come true. I am a channel myself and am very choosy about whom I get information or help from …. what she told me today, was spot on; loved it. Now I have more clarity and a definite direction and aim, to walk towards.


Medium & Channeler

I have had a series of Reiki with Shakira. I’m feeling stronger, different – more sure of myself. Definitely recommend her – especially anyone who is going through a tough time.

Karen R

Sales Executive

My Elemental sessions with Shakira are a highlight of my month. She has been instrumental in helping me deal with the grief of losing my soulmate. I come away feeling nurtured, calm and at peace... ready to face the world. A wonderful, genuine woman who truly cares about your well-being... I cannot speak highly enough of her.



Shakira's experienced and intuitive approach to her clients means that as I client, I have always received exactly what I needed to support my wellbeing. After a session with Shakira, I leave feeling restored and nurtured with a deep sense of knowing that healing is at work. ❤


Education Specialist

I totally recommend Shakira if you need to reenergise, would like some insight or whether it’s time to pamper yourself. Thank you Shakira!

Carol K.


Shakira you are the best – I love my Reiki sessions with you.

Kate C.

Food Tech

Your Reiki was amazing, and just what I needed. Thank you. Highly recommend Shakira.

Pat R.


I feel deeply impelled to THANK YOU Shakira for your exquisite service. Random and not so random orchestration by the Universe for us to meet today. It was an exquisite massage and the supersonic crystal crew under the table during the session, did us proud. You worked carefully and lovingly, using your razor sharp intuition, enabling a releasing to occur – and I received audible confirmation from the cosmos. Thank you so much for being part of ‘my team’ today and facilitating great release and healing. I highly recommend Shakira, at Fusion Therapy.



I have been enjoying Shakira’s Elemental sessions for about 6 months and find it a welcome respite from a busy life; a chance to really focus on me. Shakira is amazing, so personable and empathetic and I feel more 'centered' when I leave. Knowing I have these booked in every month gives me something to look forward to. Thanks Shakira!


Sales & Marketing Executive Manager

Elemental - every time it is different, but it’s exactly what I need at the time. I've no idea how it happens, it just does. I always finish the session feeling more at peace and centred. It is as if my thoughts have time to roam and find their natural resting place, and then empower the inner me to shine through so I can move forward again. Totally Bliss.

Liz Reese

Accounts Manager

I have had a weekly massage session with Shakira for a year now and I can honestly say I always feel fantastic after it. Shakira is very professional in her approach to what ails you - be it Body, Mind or Soul - and instinctively goes about fixing it, no fuss. I can't recommend Shakira more highly.

Frank Cassidy


I first met Shakira three years ago through the Corporate Massage on offer at work. I have since become a regular client of hers, at her clinic. I thoroughly enjoy and wholeheartedly recommend her Indian Head Massage and also her Reiki.

Peter Curach


I had my first Reiki session with Shakira on Tuesday and loved it. It was very relaxing and Shakira takes great care to ensure you are comfortable not only on the massage table but with the treatment. The unexpected bonus is that I slept so well that night and have done since the treatment. Thank you so much, I will be back for more!

Janine Gawn


Where do I begin telling you how AMAZE-ZING this woman is! I have had a few treatments with Shakira within the last 6 months and I tell you, she is one of a kind! She puts all the love and energy in to her treatments, to make you, the recipient, feel completely supported, comforted and at total and utter peace.

I was lucky enough to receive an Elemental a few months ago and during that particular time for me, I was going through a few personal setbacks. But once my treatment was over, I finally felt released from so much pent up energy that it all came tumbling out of my body over the next few months. I found my hidden voice, I dealt with issues I had suppressed for years!! And now a few more months have gone by and I am still feeling the effects from that treatment!

Today I was lucky enough to have a very intuitive Oracle Crystal Healing session. Something that again has released different pent up energies that I am sure will have a profound effect on me in the coming days/weeks and months ahead!

Thank you, Shakira, from the bottom of my heart, for the healing you have created within me!

Vicki Nadin

Holistic Facialist & Reiki Practitioner

Elemental, with Shakira, is an empowering experience.  She is a powerful and intuitive goddess who makes you feel safe, guiding you to come back into your feminine body and connect with yourself.

Juju Kim

Diving-Scuba Instructor

I regularly visit Shakira for her Elemental weekend special.  Every time I leave I feel refreshed and energised.  I recommend this treatment to anyone – both to those who have tried holistic therapy and to those who have no previous experience.

Kate B.

Safety Specialist

Shakira has a wonderfully relaxing touch. Her Indian Head Massage is divine, and you wish it could go on forever. The Indian Head Massage is both relaxing and invigorating at the same time.



I absolutely loved Shakira’s “Elemental” session. I feel grounded in my own well-being & empowerment. It releases the energy I do not need and brings me back to balance. My headache is gone, and my heart of feminine power is evoked with a state of joy and assurance that I am loved. It just makes me feel soooo good!!

Thank you, Shakira, I love your work!

Carol Bird

Yoga Teacher

Our business, Chester Grey Chartered Accountants Limited, has been associated with Shakira for several years. She comes to our office once a week to provide chair massages to our team.

Shakira is always professional and courteous. Her massages are effective and help with the various minor issues that desk bound office workers face.

I personally am impressed by Shakira’s warm and caring nature. To the extent that I have organised her to visit my mother in her care facility to provide a fortnightly massage. Mum unfortunately suffers from dementia. Shakira deals with the challenges of this wonderfully and I am very confident mum is benefiting from her contact with Shakira.

Thanks Shakira, you have made a difference to my work and family environment.


Chartered Accountant

Shakira is amazing. She has been running free meditation during the Covid-19 lockdown, which is keeping me sane! She is such an inspiring teacher and healer and I am so blessed she a part of my life. Her Reiki and Elemental therapies are such a treat and I look forward to them. She has taught me so much and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. I highly recommend Fusion Therapy.



My sessions with Shakira are always profound. I often come into our sessions feeling troubled, weighed down or unmoored - but not always aware of exactly what's troubling me. When I leave, I feel light, free, inspired and full of possibility - healed and connected to my inner light. It's a truly spiritual experience, and I can't recommend her highly enough. Don't hesitate to book a session!

Keri Clarke

Self Employed

I’ve now had several Distance Reiki treatments with Shakira. Before my first session, my shoulders were really sore, I had a headache, and my legs felt really tense. But then suddenly – a few minutes into the session – it changed, and everything relaxed. I definitely recommend this style of appointment.


District Nurse

I had such a wonderful peaceful reiki healing from Shakira. I highly recommend her. Shakira has a fantastic way of making you feel relaxed, calm and revitalized. I didn’t realize just how foggy my head was until she cleared it. I could feel my whole body relax and say ‘ahhh.’ Being a Reiki master myself, Shakira reminded me just how it is important to look after ourselves too! I also really highly recommend her beautiful aura sprays she makes. They have such a high vibration and are just a delight to use! I love them and your spirit body will too! Thank you, beautiful Shakira.

Georgina Curnow

Reiki Master

My massages with Shakira are amazing! I have had half a dozen, maybe more and will continue to re-book. I highly recommend her.

Tania Burrows


Shakira nurtures and understands women especially. She allows you for self-discovery and shows you the pathways to move forward to change and improve your life. She is very special.

Beata S


I had the “Elemental” session over the weekend... WOW!! It was amazing. 100% recommend. It gives you a taste of a few different treatments, but also makes for an incredible session on its own! Still feeling relaxed and dreamy.


Property Management

Shakira is one of the most amazing people. Every treatment I have had is out of this world.

Natasha Keith


‘Elemental’ is amazing - these sessions are the best!!



Just to say thank you for an amazing session last Sunday. I feel absolutely super charged and so full of energy. This entire session was totally a first in all these types of healing techniques for me. I felt relaxed, connected and enjoyed every moment of it. Shakira you are such a beautiful person and the realm around you is so vibrant and full of colours, yet peaceful and saturated with healing power. I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity to have met you. Thanks again.



Superb Intuitive Massage. Thank You Shakira for your gentle and loving care. You are my new therapist!


Diversional Therapist

I’ve experienced the “Elemental”, Indian Head Massage and a Tarot card reading with Shakira. She is professional in every way. Her sessions leave you feeling very calm and relaxed, with wanting more.

The card reading was absolutely spot on too. Couldn’t believe the appropriate cards that revealed themselves and that Shakira explained them so well.

Lovely person. Lovely sessions. Lovely touch. Awesome !



I've been coming to Shakira for about 18 months now. I'd tried a lot of other self-care practices before this but this definitely has been a winner for me. I always look forward to our sessions as I leave feeling lighter and re-energised.

Shakira is a strong, bubbly and caring person, and has become a confidante. There are many stresses in our lives these days that can cause a drain on us, our emotions and our vibe - work, relationships our environments. I highly recommend Shakira to anyone feeling like their energy levels are low or out of alignment for any reason.


Marketing Manager

I have been blessed to experience Shakira’s Body Tuning (sound healing). It is the most intense healing I’ve experienced. Shakira worked intuitively, knowing what my soul needed, providing grounding, balance and healing. Exactly what I needed at that moment.

Claire Thompson

Spiritual Medium

Indian Head Massage with Shakira is certainly relaxing, that’s for sure!! I’d love it to go on for longer – I could just drift away. I book a half hour session with Shakira every week and have done for three years. She really is that good. Indian Head Massage is calming, and I love it. I always recommend her. Definitely!!

George Moore

Maintenance Fitter

I have had the pleasure and honour of knowing Shakira for over 2 years, and every month I book a session with her. I have never missed a month and look forward to each one with such excitement. It’s my time that’s all about me, and she makes sure you know and remember that it is all about you!

She is experienced in muscle testing, and I love how my body knows and can tell her what it needs in the session, especially when my brain is to “busy” with other thoughts.

Every time I see her, I leave feeling relaxed, recharged and grateful. Her insights and messages are always appropriate for what may be happening in my world at that time, and we often laugh at the “light bulb” moments we have together.

Her Massages, Elemental, Reiki and Sound Healing are literally “out of this world”. So much so, that at times I physically don’t want to get off the table! (It’s like I found my happy place and could just stay for another hour or 2).

Shakira is a fantastic healer, a joy to know, a pleasure to be around, and a wonderful friend. Whatever service you book in with Shakira, you will not regret it.


General Manager

Elemental is a real delight to the over-worked and exhausted system of any employee, whether you work full-time or part-time stress is a no-brainer. I personally work thirty to forty hours a week and still somehow manage to get tension and stress knots throughout my body. This one-hour session really brings you back into the now and out of your own head, allowing you to fully indulge in yourself.

The Oracle card reading is enlightening and calming, as Shakira exudes an air of support and peace throughout the reading.

Aura cleansing is a necessity in life as it helps you to remove the negativity of not just people around you but also your own. This helps you experience a feeling of weightlessness and re-invigoration all at the same time. The Crystal Chakra balancing brings you back to your grounded form and allows you to feel soothed and relaxed whilst still being more alert and aware in your life, without the drain of other people.

Now the massage is personally one of my favourite parts of the whole treatment and I am glad she saves it for last, as it is the epitome of feeling nurtured. The massage focuses on your feet, hands, arms, neck and head but it is the most tension removing massage I have ever experienced. It helps remove all of the tension and stress you accumulate during the week at work and gives you the sense of being completely and utterly healed and ready to get back to work without feeling run down.

Melissa Jackson


Your Nurturing Touch massage is quite lovely. It is soothing and comforting, and I really enjoy the attention.



Shakira has been working with me in my business Bodyworkz Corporate Massage for nearly 3 years now.
As a therapist, I find her professional, loyal, and very good at what she does.

Shakira relates well to people and has regular clients that swear that she is the best at what she does, either in a massage chair or on a massage table.

I always say that anyone can massage but not everyone can massage well, so I think it is a testament to her massage skills that her business is growing, and clients love what she does. Personally, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommended her!

Susy Egneus


I have been visiting Shakira on monthly basis for the past 15 months and have never missed one of her wonderful Elemental sessions. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have found her, as her healing gift and insights are a true blessing.
Each session is unique and Shakira intuitively knows what I require on every level, at each visit.

I love my quality time with her, and always look forward to receiving her nurturing. I recommend her to every woman and believe their life will be enhanced by an Elemental session.


Managing Director