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Forensic Healing is a deep and effective healing framework, to rapidly release pain, trauma and stress. With over 110 healing pathways, this treatment combines the investigation and establishment of facts and evidence about a person’s condition, with a new holistic healing system to restore purity, integrity, health and wholeness.

Helps with:

Negativity, bad luck, stress, hardship, curses
Loneliness, depression, feeling stuck or disconnected
Lack of fulfilment in life
Reversing feelings of powerlessness, low-self worth, guilt, shame, loss
Ongoing effects from sexual, physical and emotional abuse
Removal of the manipulation agenda that operates on the planet (the “Matrix”)
Past life trauma



Forensic Healing can help answer long standing questions regarding life struggles for people suffering from chronic physical, emotional, spiritual, behavioural and relationship problems. Often there is a disconnect between a person’s state and the incidents leading up to it. Forensic Healers read a person’s energy field to find the real cause behind a person’s condition and use proven healing techniques to release the condition energetically.

As negative energies are identified and released, it brings balance and peace, enabling a person’s body to naturally heal itself. It will also change a person’s energy to attract more peaceful and loving relationships (like attracts like, the Law of Attraction).


A treatment begins with “Opening the Case” using protection and guidance statements. Utilizing biofeedback methods to read client’s energy fields, we find the past information related to the current issues, and profile the thoughts, behaviours and beliefs around the issues.

With a combination of ancient and advanced healing modalities including Chakras, N.L.P (neurolinguistic programming) methods, hands-on healing methods, Shamanic healing, Inner child healing, spiritual and soul healing methods – all in one system – Forensic Healing assists with reprogramming of the subconscious and the DNA within cells.

To heal is to touch with love, that which we previously touched with fear.

Stephen Levine