Crystal Infusion ~ Selenite



What can it do for you?

Selenite is a protective stone. It brings stillness, clarity, logic and calm to the mind.

It promotes honesty, alignment and mental and physical flexibility. Selenite is a bridging stone that enables high vibrations to be grounded. It is one of the most powerful clearing and cleansing crystals, making it the perfect stone for creating energetic crystal grids.

This exquisite crystal is definitely my all-time favourite.

Selenite is powerful energetic conduit for this current time, as it helps to usher in the new vibrations for the new earth. Connecting the human spirit with angelic consciousness, this high vibration crystal enables transformation through a clear soul connection.

It is one of the best crystals for energetically clearing and cleansing any space. The healing properties enable purification, liberation, and transformation. Chakra alignment and healing is aided by this energetically flowing crystal.

Incorporating this crystal into your meditation practice supports the reaching of higher planes, connecting you with your guides. It can also activate a conscious understanding, bringing clarity and insights to your past and future.

Selenite is used in all therapies, as rods grid the Fusion Therapy clinic space, and are placed under the treatment table. Smaller pieces are utilised during Crystal Healing, Chakra Balancing and Reiki.

Our Fusion Therapy clinic is located in Howick, East Auckland, only 20 minutes from Auckland CBD.

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