Crystal Infusion ~ Tigers Eye



What can it do for you?

A stone of protection and balance, it grounds higher vibrations to enable vitality, motivation, physical action, and willpower. Excellent for healing issues of self-worth and criticism.

Aiding correct use of power with integrity, promoting clarity of intention and recognition of talents and abilities, to accomplish goals.

Tigers Eye brings new opportunities, prosperity and abundance. It enables the confidence and courage to explore new possibilities positively.

At the end of the week, when your head is full of nonsense and your thoughts are exhausting – what better way to self-care than sitting with a piece of Tigers Eye. This wonderful crystal is grounding and uplifting, as it combines the energies of the Sun and the Earth.

By anchoring the self in a space of protection and integrity, Tigers Eye supports and facilitates the achievement of goals. This stone is wonderfully beneficial in terms of balancing the brain hemispheres, enabling the integration from wishful thinking into constructive accomplishment.

Tigers Eye is used extensively within the Elemental, Crystal Healing and Reiki modalities.

Our Fusion Therapy clinic is located in Howick, East Auckland, only 20 minutes from Auckland CBD.

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