Healing Trauma Through Reiki

A client living with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) recently asked me why I recommended Reiki as the initial healing modality for her. My answer was because Reiki is gentle; it brings hope. It opens the possibility of recovery; that all is not lost.

As a trauma survivor, I understand the challenges of living through the shadows of PTSD. The hyper-vigilance, emotions that swamp you, the self-loathing and guilt. Living with random flashbacks, memory loss, and a relentless obsessive-compulsive mind set to auto-replay. Overactive, overstimulated, strung out, burnt out and exhausted. For many years, I walked a path that swung between spiritualism and self-harm. I was desperately seeking some kind of bliss to eliminate my broken reality.

I was lucky to have friends, therapists and healers supporting me. But looking back, I know the greatest trauma-healing breakthrough, started when I experienced Usui Reiki. During that first session all three branches of my autonomic nervous system quietened, and I began to relax. I felt stillness; an absence of brain-noise drilling within my head. The inner peace continued to permeate days after the treatment. I felt safe. For the first time I could sit with relative ease, as the usual conflicting self-beliefs and perceptions, competed for headspace.

I was able to breathe through the anxiety and fears, triggered by unhealed emotions. The Reiki healing I experienced created a tangible shift. Reiki Healing supports trauma recovery.

Clients with PTSD have commented that they enjoy the freedom and safely my appointments provide. Their trauma does not need to be verbally unpacked, to be worked with, from an energetic perspective. Knowing that I know, is enough. Trauma-healing is a journey not a destination. More ‘slow roast’ than ‘microwave’ as we peel layer upon layer; going deeper and deeper. Through this process, not only can we heal the trauma-response within the physical-mental-emotional bodies, but also throughout ancestral lines and even past lives.

When I consider the strength it takes to live with PTSD, I am in awe – of my younger self, and my clients. It speaks volumes for the ‘living spark’ inside our souls, determined to create transformation and enable healing. As a Reiki Master, I respect and value the benefits Reiki brings to the field of trauma recovery. Please contact me if any of this resonates with you.

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