A nurturing winter massage oil-blend

Deciduous trees have an incredible knowing; the cold darkness of winter triggers their hibernation. Abscisic acid tells the leaf to let go and fall. A season marking the time to be held in suspended growth. Winter is – for them – a time of dormancy. Evergreen trees, on the other hand, have the capacity to ‘Tough it Out’ and remain active. With slight adaptions they can continue to photosynthesise, in spite of the changing weather conditions.

Every year as winter approaches, I wish to be more ‘deciduous’ than ‘evergreen’. Some days it seems like I never get to stop.

One could argue that we hibernate when sleeping – but even then we are suspended in an anabolic state, enabling the repair, growth and rejuvenation of our amazing bodies. Maybe that is why some mornings I wake up feeling like I’ve just run a marathon.

And yet, in spite of our crazy busy lives, we still need to find that crucial still-point. That space of dormancy, the mental and emotional hibernation zone. A space to be motionless; to be nurtured, to just be.

For deciduous trees and introverts alike, hibernation is vital to psychological rejuvenation. Tampering with a plants natural cycle of dormancy and growth will dramatically impact on the quality of life. But a cyclical requirement for human hibernation, is sadly out of touch with western social and employment models. They are structured around the idea of the Evergreen. We are all expected to tough it out, even in the darkest and coldest days of our physical and emotional lives.

It was this awareness, alongside the understanding of my own introverted need to hibernate, that inspired the “Winter” massage oil blend, for my Nurturing the Woman Within healing.

I chose three aromatherapy oils that reflected back to me; my ideal winter feel.

I wanted to bring an aromatic quality to the massage that inspired a space for dormancy to anticipate rejuvenation.

This rejuvenation blend is both warming and uplifting. Uniting clarity of thought, with reasonableness and foresight. An energising mix bringing enjoyment to the senses.

Experience the exquisite aroma oil-blend, which combines ginger, bergamot and patchouli – holding space for both introvert and extrovert alike. It has the capacity to energize and rejuvenate the auric vibrations of all women, in any season.

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