What is an ‘Elemental’?

There has been a worldwide shift over the last 20 years to rediscover natural health, and incorporate energy healing methods to the maintenance of our wellbeing.  One that supports our entire system – the physical body, our emotions, our mental health, and even our spiritual growth.

For those of us new to alternative health, it can seem a little overwhelming – in terms of where to start, what to try first, and who to trust.   This dilemma that some people experience, is what inspired me to create the ELEMENTAL.   By fusing a broad range of healing modalities into a single appointment, the client not only has the chance to experience something new – but they leave feeling relaxed, balanced, inspired and reenergized also.

The ELEMENTAL starts with an Auric Body clearing.  This process was described by a client, as being the spiritual equivalent of a ‘dust and polish’.  Wiping away emotional/historical ‘dust’ that is no longer relevant – or needed – to the space you are in now.  Bringing balance and calm to your whole system, making you feel lighter and more buoyant. A range of beautiful aromatherapy sprays support the process, and you receive your own free bottle to take home.

Consulting Oracle Cards, brings fresh perspectives, offers guidance, and can support constructive forward movement around any problems you may be facing.

Reiki healing rebalances the Life Force energy that flows through your body, bringing peace and stillness.  Reiki is used within mainstream and natural medicines, with no known contraindications. A range of beautiful crystals are incorporated into the ELEMENTAL healing experience.

Who doesn’t enjoy a gentle, relaxing aromatherapy massages?   The ELEMENTAL massage style incorporates ancient Ayurvedic massage techniques to evoke well-being throughout the whole body, whilst working on your neck, head, hands, arms and feet.  There is no need to undress, no mess, no fuss.

Apart from the obvious benefit of simply feeling AMAZING, the one-hour Elemental is an ideal treatment for optimising your wellbeing.   It is the perfect starting place for anyone curious to explore the benefits of natural health, under the guidance of an experienced and qualified practitioner. 

So, book your Elemental today.   Found only at Fusion Therapy.

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