Online Distance & Remote Healing

Many people understand the power of Hands-on-Healing and can attest to the changes, and growth resulting from their experience. Fewer of us have experienced the power of Online Distance and Remote Healing because until the recent Covid-19 isolation requirements, there simply has not been the need.

So, what exactly does it involve, and how does it work?

Energy Healing interacts with the biofield of a person, to support the natural flow of energy within the etheric and physical fields. This can be through one-on-one contact, but it can also travel across any distance or time frame.

When we experience exhaustion, stress, knee-jerk reactions from unresolved issues, negative emotions, critical thought patterns, or even lack of sleep and unhealthy eating patterns, the capacity for energy to flow naturally through the body is altered slightly, and our ‘wellness blueprint’ pathways can become blocked.

Healing can address these issues effectively, regardless of the distance between the healer, and the recipient. Energy Healing transcends our 3-D understanding of linear time and space.

From a practitioner perspective, the intuitive depth attained during a session without a physical presence, gifts me the freedom to focus directly on the energetic biofield, using psychic intuition and spiritual guidance alone. The messages and energy available can be much stronger and clearer. From a client perspective, the anecdotal feedback includes healings being experienced on a deeply profound level, with greater opportunity for self-participation.

I’ve now had several Distance Reiki treatments with Shakira. Before my first session, my shoulders were really sore, I had a headache, and my legs felt really tense. But then suddenly – a few minutes into the session – it changed, and everything relaxed. I definitely recommend this style of appointment.

I was skeptical of its success, but now I know how. Thanks Shakira, I could feel the working during our appointment. Highly recommend.

Thanks Shakira, your Distance Reiki was very strong. I feel really good.

Fusion Therapy offers two effective options for ongoing healing during this time.

Online Distance Healing

This follows a similar path to a clinical appointment. Each online appointment begins with questions around ailments and traumas – physical, mental, emotional – that you wish to address with healing and balancing. After gathering background information, you can choose to remain seated at the screen, or lay down comfortably under a blanket. I tune in psychically, and we begin the work.

Remote Healing

We book a time and day where I tune into your biofield – where ever you are – and work independently, with our collective guides. I recommend you take this time to lay quietly in a softly lit room, wrapped warmly.

During the treatments, some people enjoy relaxation music playing in the background; some drift off to sleep; some choose to set their alarm in case they do sleep. The choice is yours – whatever you feel will add to the enjoyment of your treatment. With either option, it is important to ensure you drink plenty of water after the appointment. Several glasses over the following hour is recommended.

There are several modalities particularly suited to Distance and Remote appointments.

I have a number of regular clients worldwide, and time differences are calculated when we schedule these appointments. Fusion Therapy Healing is not limited by distance or the current lockdown, so you may continue to experience the many benefits of ongoing health and wellbeing, through a range of therapeutic styles from the comfort of your own home. Book your appointment now.

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